CPU Type : Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620
CPU Speed : 12 Core @ 2GHz +HT
Server Memory : 48 Gigabytes RAM
Network : 1gbit Dedicated Connection

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Los Angeles Server

Currently viewing Los Angeles DayZ server location plan.
This server is located in Los Angeles CA, USA.

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All Dayz.ST Game Server Accounts Include the Following Features

Instant Automated Setup : Servers are online seconds after making your payment.
Time Zone Change Feature : Change the timezone on-demand from within your control panel.
Automated Server Restarts : Set your server to automatically restart every X hours. (Default is 12) With warnings at 1 hour, 30 minutes, 10 minutes & 1 minute before restart.
Custom Web Based Control Panel : Our system is specifically designed from the ground up for DayZ servers instead of the generic tcadmin panel most providers give you. (screenshot).
Control Panel Features : Change time zone, difficulty, motd, restart interval, 'hosted by', max ping, etc. on demand (config changes require server restart) and stop/start/restart server functions
We ONLY Sell DayZ Servers : Your experience with us is far more streamlined than companies hosting many different products, and we actually play on our servers! (You can find us on US 265)

Private and Community Hive Servers Include these Additional Features

Database Access : Full database access via phpMyAdmin.
Map Tool : Advanced google maps-style zoomable map which allows you to see players (private only) and vehicles as well as edit player inventories (also private only) and add vehicles and objects.
Always-Daylight : Optional always-daylight feature resets your server to approximately 8AM every time it starts.
Side Chat : Enable side chat on your server through a simple option in the control panel.
Vehicle Limit : Modify the maximum number of allowed vehicles on your server and manually run the spawn vehicle script to spawn new vehicles if desired. (it is automatically run at midnight every night)
BattlEye : Enable or disable BattlEye if you so desire.
Password Lock : Optionally require a password for anyone to join your private hive server (not available on community hive).
Hive Updates : The Bliss private hive software is updated very frequently, it is automatic and requires no user intervention.
Starting Loadout : Edit the items that players on your server start with through a familiar GUI.
rMod : rMod is an optional addon that will allow you to spawn almost any vehicle available in ArmA into your DayZ server (compatible with all maps, requires a client addon installed).
Change Location : You can change the datacenter where your server is hosted with a couple clicks in the control panel.
Database Backups : Your database is automatically backed up every 30 minutes and the backups are stored for two days, you can easily restore a backup in your control panel.