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DayZ Epoch on Taviana

We've added support for Taviana 2.0 (DayZTaviana.com) with the Epoch mod.

Setting up your server

You must first choose Taviana (dayztaviana.com) from the Map dropdown list.


The mod option may not appear until your server has switched to this map.

Once you've selected the correct map and made the changes, you'll have a mod dropdown with the Epoch option.


DayZCommander Setup

When you, or your players, want to be able to join your DayZ Epoch Tavi server they will need to make a few simple changes in DayZCommander.

Make sure all players have both the most recent DayzTaviana.com mod and Epoch mod installed from the Commander mod list.

Because DayZCommander only supports Epoch on Chernarus, you have to tell DayZCommander to load Tavi instead.

This is easily accomplished by clicking Settings in the top right corner and simply adding "-mod=@Taviana;" (without the quotes) to the "Additional Launch Parameters".


This forces DayZCommander to load Taviana 2.0 along with Epoch, allowing you to properly join the server.

When you are done playing on Epoch Tavi servers, you can remove this line and use DayZCommander normally.

We're working on convincing Josh (DotJosh of DayZCommander) to implement better support for Epoch on other maps.

Important notes

Anytime you switch maps or mods, it is likely your database will be reset. This is due to the difference in databases structures and map positions. While we do make some exceptions, this is generally the rule and you should always backup your database before making a switch (if the data is important to you).

We've not extensively tested DayZ Epoch on Taviana 2.0. While we're excited to support it and have an opportunity to play with it ourselves there may be some unforeseen bumps along the road.

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