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Welcome to the DayZ.ST Community Wiki. You will find answers to various questions and other things here.

Can't find an answer? Click Ask and edit the page to add your question so we can add it to the wiki.

Basic Server Info for Beginners

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Have a question? Go here first.
General Beginners Guide - Beginners guide for new server owners.
Server Difficulty - Settings guide for difficulty.
SERVER NAME GUIDE - Server naming guide.
Dart - Small Rcon tool for player administration.
Whitelisting - List of whitelist applications with simple pros and cons of each.
MySQL - A list of commands to use in the database and what they do.
Battleye Filters - How to manage your script kicks/logs.
Updating to new patches - What to do when an update is available for your map.

Customizing your server

Enabling Side Chat - How to enable side chat through mission.pbo.
Enabling clear ground around chopper crashes - Clear ground around loot at crash sites.
Full Moon Nights Dusk/Dawn - A more in depth guide for Full Moon Nights.
Custom Buildings - Video on how to add custom buildings via Arma 2 Map editor
Custom Load Screen - Adding a custom load screen to the server
Unbanned Vehicles - Lists of unbanned vehicles for different maps
Full Moon Nights - Making it a full moon at night
HOW-TO add Auto Refuel - Allow vehicles to refuel at tanks automatically
Increase Helicopter Crash Spawns - How to increase the helicopter crash spawns
GCAM - This is the instruction on how to install GCAM for servers only
Debug Monitor - How to add the debug monitor to your server
Loop Messages from DB - How to add looping messages using the message table in the DB
Custom Helicopter Crash Loot - How to add custom loot for helicopter crashes.
Kill Messages - How to add kill messages to the server again (who killed who)
Remove Debris - Remove all debris from Cherno's Roads (everything Rocket added)
Reset Database - WARNING: This will wipe ALL data on your game and it will start as a fresh install!
Protected Dome - A dome to protect things from people who do not have access.
Custom Loadouts for unique ID's (Taviana2.0) - This is to get custom loadouts working on Taviana 2.0
JSRS - A simple tutorial on how to get players to use JSRS sound mod when enabled on the server.
Custom Faces - How to add custom faces to your player.
Custom Loot Tables - Pre made mission files for custom loot tables.
Watermark Logo - Optional watermark logo on the bottom left of the screen.
Custom Flags - How to add Custom Flags (country flag, clan logo, or whatever) to your server.

OpenDayZ Script listing - An organised collection of DayZ missions and server scripts.

Custom Building Packages

Pre-Made Custom Buildings - An assortment of custom made buildings.

Epoch Specific Links

Epoch Battleye Scripts.txt (just copy all the txt files into your Battleye folder):
Epoch PBO config options and how they work
Base Building steps:
Crafting cookbook:
Tagging friendlies:
Tree Cutting:
Protected Dome for Epoch - protect players from zeds and other players while near traders.
(Epoch) Update to (or from) non-ammo vehicles
SelfBloodBag Script - How To Add The Script SelfBloodBag To Your Epoch Server.
Commit-Suicide Script - How To Add The Script Commit-Suicide To Your Epoch Server.

Epoch Changelogs:

Epoch on other Maps

Taviana_Epoch - DayZ Epoch on Taviana 2.0 guide.

Overwatch Specific Links

Custom Buildings - You must follow the bottom section for the Overwatch mod.
Deployable Bike/Motorcycle/GyroCopter - How to add a deployable bike and upgrade it progressively.

French Tutorials for server customizations

Server Customization tutorials in French - A website that provides how to set up scripts for anyone who speaks French.

Custom Tools

Admin_CP - Custom feature-rich PHP admin tool designed by Ruben Coolen (requires external webhosting)
PBO Editors - the way to compress and uncompress the dayz_server and dayz_mission files
FTP Clients - How you download and view your RPT file and other settings files

Statistics Page

DBHS - TeamSpeak 3 Server

This is another community support channel and has no affiliation with DayZ.ST what so ever.

That Means
  • No Account support.
  • No financials discussed.

This TeamSpeak is for Scripting assistance and any other DayZ related talk.

Cancel Server

You can cancel the server at any time through PayPal. Your server will remain open and running until the end of that billing cycle. This action CANNOT be reversed once done. But once the server closes, you have 48 hours to re-sign up with the EXACT SAME USERNAME and restore the information from a backup. YOUR IP AND PORT WILL be different !

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Under the "My Account" Highlight "Profile"

3. Click "My Money"

4. Click Update beside "My pre-approved payments."

5. Click the name of the subscription you wish to cancel.

6. Click Cancel.

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